You will have the power to summon 2 Eudemons as you are undergoing your training. Later, you will find there are more than 100 Eudemons for you to choose from! Select 3 of them and you are ready to begin your adventure! Your most trustworthy friends will also earn promotions as you do,

granting them new skills to protect you better. Composing and

raising your Eudemons is an important part of Eudemons Onlin

e. You can fight alongside them, or enhance your abilities by co

mposing two of them into a much stronger one!

You cannot judge a person's full measure at a single glance, and the situation here is no different. Neither level nor equipment could completely decide the outcome of a fight between you and your enemy. Eudemons Online changes the rules of traditional online games by introducing the "Battle Power System". Battle Power is calculated on the basis of your attributes, equipment, and Eudemons. It is an important marker to help you choose your battles wisely, before you wind up digging your own grave!

How do you measure up against your peers? Are you a heavyweight or a featherweight fighter? Do you possess the most powerful Eudemons? There are 6 PK modes for you to choose from, to test yourself against the many other heroes of Cronus. There are Monthy, Weekly, Class, and many other types of PK Tournaments available for you, with new additions coming all the time! Reach the zenith of your skills and show the world who is King of Kings in Eudemons Online!


After you join a Legion or Family, you will have a group of players that fight, play, and learn as one. Aside from the bonding aspect, you can also share Battle Power with them! With a faithful team, you can join the Legion War and Family War to show the invincible brotherhood and friendship. The unique Legion system allows you to summon Legion Eudemons and Mounts. During the Legion construction, every single member is indispensable. Will you heed the call to battle, or be trampled beneath the onslaught? Choose your side to prove your bravery and loyalty!


Following after the deadly vampire, there will be another mysterious creature joining the Eudemons roster – the Necromancer! Just like the vampire, the Necromancer is another dark and dangerous creature of the night. But the difference is that Necromancers not only feed on life force, but also on death and decay, which offers them an even more vicious power! What's their purpose for coming to Cronus? What will they be like in EO? Will they bring massive devastation? Will they take over the place of vampires? What are their skills? What about their Eudemons? How can the Paladin, Warrior, Mage and Vampire deal with something that has such evil magic power? All these questions will be answered soon enough!